Hof Ida in the Lech River Nature Park

Turning the old into new

The house and grounds have been in the family over many generations. The house is more than three hundred years old and is a beautiful traditional Tyrolean farmhouse with many stories to tell from days gone by. For us, the Vink family, it was very important to preserve the charm and character of the farmhouse when we undertook renovation works. The barn needed restoring and we wanted to carefully convert it into a truly unique chalet all whilst maintaining its traditional appearance. During the build we were able to preserve the imposing wooden beams as well as the roof structure by using sandblasting techniques. Thanks to careful craftsmanship the woodwork now fits in beautifully with the spruce-lined interior. 


Fortunately we were able to preserve the outer walls which are more than 60 cm thick and made of local stones from the Lechtal region. On the one hand, this helps to maintain the natural character of the building, on the other hand, the solid walls protect the house from the cold in winter and keep out the heat in summer.



Although the house was historic and charming before, we needed and wanted to modernise Hof Ida in a sustainable way. The house is now well insulated with high-quality materials and a heat-air pump. Underfloor heating has been installed alongside two photovoltaic systems. This all means your holiday with us here in the Tyrolean Lech Valley is both sustainable and eco-friendly. 


During the build we only used wood from local Tyrolean forests and the firewood for the stoves comes from the Madautal, which is found directly behind Hof Ida. 


We would love for you to come and spend your summer or winter holiday with us  and enjoy one of the most beautiful areas of the Austrian Tyrol, the Lech River Nature Park.