Tips for day trips

In the Lech Valley the mountains are breath-takingly beautiful and there are number of places worth exploring. Hof Ida is the ideal starting point for many day trips. You can learn more about the history of the Lechtal, immerse yourself in local traditions at a traditional Trachtenabend (an evening celebrating traditional regional costumes) or enjoy a concert performed by traditional music groups.


Why not spend a day unwinding at a spa? All of these attractions and more are just a short trip from Hof Ida. The Lech Valley is a place where families, friends or couples can have a great time come rain or shine in both summer and winter. We, the Vink Family, hope have a wonderful holiday here in Tyrol.

Naturparkhaus Klimmbrücke

Are you looking for somewhere for the whole family to visit? If so the Naturparkhaus Klimmbrücke is the perfect choice for both younger and older visitors. The Naturparkhaus Klimmbrücke is housed in a building which has been built over the Lech River near the village of Elmen. Its unique location is impressive. The Naturparkhaus is home to an information centre about the Lech River Nature Park. There is also a playground nearby with a balancing course, a climbing slide and a zip wire. Families also enjoy visiting the maze which is in the shape of a river landscape and made using willow branches. 

Wunderkammer in Elbigenalp

Do you want to know what life in the Lechtal used to be like? If so you should definitely check out the Wunderkammer in the village of Elbigenalp. There’s lots of information about local history, culture and how local people lived. You can see the collection of interesting rarities, art objects and curiosities from lithographer Johann Anton Falger. The exhibition was opened on the 140th anniversary of Falger’s death for anyone interested in seeing his works and artworks. We would definitely recommend a visit to the Wunderkammer on the rare rainy day. Visitors of all generations should enjoy a quick visit to see how people lived in years gone by.  

Geierwally open-air stage in Elbigenalp

Anna Stainer-Knittel was born on July 28th in 1841 in Elbigenalp. She is known in the German speaking world as the Geierwally and led an intriguing life. At the age of 17 she climbed down a very steep cliff to remove an eagle’s nest in the Alperschontal. She went on to become the only woman studying at the Munich Art Academy and a local legend. It came as no surprise that the open air theatre in the village of Elbigenalp was named after this renowned painter. The stage has been built into the rockface in the Bernhardstal Gorge creating a truly unique theatrical backdrop which captivates thousands of theatregoers every year. 

Tyrolean Wooden Carving

A skilled craftsman can turn a simple block of wood into something quite wonderful. Wood carving has a long tradition here in the Lech Valley and today there are a number of carving workshops. If you are interested in carving there are two carving schools in the village of Elbigenalp where you can attend carving courses.

Suspension bridge, the Vitalweg trail and Lüftlmalereien fresco paintings in Holzgau

In the village of Holzgau there’s a suspension bridge which spans the ruggedly picturesque Höhenbachtal Gorge. The bridge connects wonderful hiking routes from the sunny Gföllberg slopes to those on the Schiggenberg slopes and on to the impressive Simms Waterfall. 

The Vitalweg trail in Holzgau helps visitors to discover the 5 pillars of healthy living identified by Kneipp. These are plants, exercise, balance, water and nutrition. 

Between 1780 and 1840 many local people traded goods across the nearby borders with different countries. When these traders returned to the Lechtal they wanted to show off their new found wealth and success and so they built a number of impressive houses in Holzgau with beautifully painted exteriors. The word Lüftlmalerei in German references the first person to paint frescos on the exterior of houses. He lived in a house called Zum Lüftl  in the town of Oberammergau and he called himself the Lüftlmaler.

Escape to one the Lechtal’s charming quieter villages

The tiny village of Gramais is home to only 68 people and is the smallest municipality in Austria. The charming mountain villages of Pfafflar, Kaisers and Hinterhornbach still have a lovely rustic Tyrolean character. It’s almost as if time has stood still and so these special villages are true sanctuaries for the soul.

Ehrenberg ruins and Highline 179 in Reutte

The Ehrenberg Castle is just a 30 minute drive away. The historic medieval castle was built in 1296 and has impressive fortified walls and high towers. 

The Highline 179 is the world’s longest Tibetan style pedestrian suspension bridge and spans 406 meters. The bridge sits at a dizzying height above the B179 road and has fantastic panoramic views. 

Neuschwanstein Castle near Füssen and Linderhof Castle in Ettal

It is only a 40-minute drive to Füssen. Today Neuschwanstein is one of the most visited castles in Europe. In 1886, shortly after the death of King Ludwig II, “the castle of the fairy tale king” was opened to the public. The unique location, on a rock above the Pöllat Gorge with mountain views, could not be more dramatic.

Less well known, but no less beautiful, is Linderhof Palace, the only larger palace building that King Ludwig II saw completed during his lifetime.